Where to Dispose of Old Washer and Dryer

Where to Dispose of Old Washer and Dryer

We rely on our large appliances to provide tasks that fulfill our basic daily needs. Cooked food, clean dishes, comfortable temperatures, and clean and dry clothes. Unfortunately, these appliances do not last forever, and the average Canadian will go through a few large appliances in their time as a homeowner. Washers and dryers are large, hard-working appliances that create a valid question once they quit working: where do I dispose of such a large item? Ontario law is not too kind about disposing of washers and dryers in areas where they are not designated for disposal, therefore, a junk removal company like Fast Junk Removal is always a good option to have these large appliances removed quickly and efficiently with recycling options always a possibility based upon the specifics of each individual unit.

There are actually many alternatives available for old washers and dryers that do not have to always correspond to disposal. If your washer or dryer is still working, you can certainly consider donating the appliance or even selling it on popular online selling websites. This will ensure that the entire life cycle of the unit is being satisfied and avoids wasteful disposal. Washers and dryers are always in need by many residents throughout Ontario, therefore, it is a good deed to share if the appliance is no longer compatible with your home or newer designs. Washers and dryers can also take up much needed space in landfills or worse, illegal dumping sites. Having a washer and dryer disposed of is also not an easy task due to the weight of the items. Hiring a professional junk removal company will eliminate any strain that comes with lifting such large appliances.

Recycling is always the noblest of efforts for any old appliance. These appliances are typically made of a series of metals, which can be melted down to create more metal, thereby reducing the need for metallurgy which consistently extracts raw materials for continued production efforts. If you do not want to go through the process of having a unit recycled, or, if a unit is indeed broken beyond repair, it is then imperative to have the unit removed for proper disposal. This process is usually very quick and requires very little work on your part.

Fast Junk Removal of Toronto specializes in the removal of large appliances such as washers and dryers. One of the great things that come with hiring this company is the assurance that all products that can be recycled, will be recycled. This is one of the processes that occur after an assessment of the unit in question has been made after a full inspection. Do not risk the strains that can come with maneuvering a large washer and dryer and allow a professional junk removal company to handle the labor and the disposal procedures. Washers and dryers are some of the most commonly recycled and salvaged appliances on the market due to their general non-toxicity.

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